Don’t Judge Everyone by One Video

I am going go to break away from the topic of this month’s blog challenge to talk about something else for a moment.  I have taken some time to try and put together my thoughts on the new under covered video that was released yesterday. Like many others that have posted about the video I was more than shocked to see some of images. There is abuse in the video, which turned my stomach like it did many others. At no means to I approve of the abuse that was shown in the video. Animal abuse should be investigated and charges pressed if needed. Animal abuse should not be happening in modern animal agriculture!

I refuse to give a link to the video as I will not give the video legs to spread, needless to say, the video was beyond disturbing. I was sickened to see what was in the video.  I have said many times before to be aware of what you are actually seeing.   I have also stated several times to not judge all dairy farms as what you see in one video.  We don’t assume that every father is abusive just because we see one father hit his son, why does society assume that all dairy farms (or other livestock operations) behave as seen in one video?  

Alot of the reason why society believes this is … my true thoughts is that society doesn’t have access to the stories and new releases that show anything other than the negative.  Those that are opposed to animal agriculture will use any type of “fear marketing” that they can to convience society that animal agriculture is horrible.  It is time that those that are involved in agriculture to step up to the plate and tell our story.  We have so much more to tell, so many positive things to share with our consumers.  We must open the doors and allow society to see that we have nothing to hide.  That we take care of our animals, that we care about the environment.  There is no one more dedicated to the continious protection the environment and the well being of animals than that of a farmer.

If the images in the video bother, please do not assume that all dairies abuse their animals.  I guess my message is simple, start a conversation. If you are involved in agriculture, reassure the consumers that your farm doesn’t operate as displayed by the video. If you are a consumer that concerned about animal agriculture, talk to the farmers and ask your questions. Don’t just assume and buy into the fear marketing.

The truth on our farm …. this is the way our animals are treated:





I am very proud of both Will and Alex for stepping up to the plate and helping to tell the truth of our farm.  They both have embraced my passion for educating about the truth of agriculture.


Until tomorrow … I will go back to my topic at hand … sustainablility 

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