The Picture of Sustainability

During this month, Wednesdays are going to be my “Wordless Wednesday” posts.  I want to show pictures of sustainable agriculture, because sometimes a picture is worth more than words.

Sustainable agriculture to me looks a lot like the following images:


or this …


and this …


But as I was doing some research on different images to use in my post this week, I noticed an overwhelming trend in the images when you “google” sustainable agriculture.

Images like this one from


I will not give a lot of credit to those that pit large against small. I absolutely detest the term “factor farm” or “industrial agriculture”. As neither are a true representation of what agriculture is …. but that is for later posts.

I believe whole heartedly that there is a place for all shapes and sizes of agriculture, conventional or organic, I do not believe that one is more sustainable than the other. As stated in my first post: sustainability is site specific. As I continue along my journey of my daily posts, I will have other posts to help illustrate just this fact.

Until tomorrow….


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