Meatless Mondays? Maybe Not!

Meatless Mondays?  Not in our house! Monday or any other day of the week for that matter!  What can I say, with two teenage boys that work as hard as they play, there is always a healthy serving or two of meat when we sit down to the dinner table.  

I was reading the article “Carnivore’s Dilemma” in the November 2014 issue of National Geographic the other night.  It is part of the National Geographic Future of Food Series and it got me thinking about the steers that we raise.  While our little holding doesn’t raise enough beef to be a game changer in the market, we do have a small group of families that have been coming to us for their beef needs for a couple of years now.  

We raise and finish out 2-3 steers a year, plus the show steers that the boys exhibit at different fairs throughout the summer.  The amount of beef that we produce is small and by no means is it sustainable in large terms, but it is sustainable for my family.  

Glenn Innish (our farm) is a small single family farm that has enough revenue to cover the farm’s expenses.  This works for our family as both my husband and I have income outside the farm.  We joke that The Glenn is our boy’s 4H projects that have run a muck!  

As I stated in my first post of the month, sustainability must stand the test of time, but it is site specific.  

This means that for us, The Glenn is sustainable.  We have no doubt in our ability to maintain our current production of small lots of beef, sheep and pork.  Our business plans even has some small growth factored in our production models over the course of the next 5 years.  

The thing is, that The Glenn would not be a sustainable agriculture enterprise if our purpose was to help supply the beef for the growing China market or other markets around the world.  Other beef operations, mainly feedlots are much more efficient and sustainable for those markets.  In other posts throughout the month I will elaborate more on how large scale beef operations are more sustainable and efficient in providing beef to the larger markets.

Food for thought … 

Until tomorrow.

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