What is Sustainable Agriculture

To start my challenge of posting every day for the month of November on the topic of Sustainable Agriculture, I thought that I should start with defining what my thoughts of sustainable agriculture is.  

The definition of Sustainable Agriculture is an integrated system of plant and animal production practices having a site specific application that will last of the long term.  

There are more ways then I am going to be able to go through over the next month on how farms are sustainable.  My goal with these posts is to illustrate that just because farms have different practices and methods, doesn’t mean that one is more sustainable over another.  I want to illustrate that sustainable comes in all sizes, as do farms.  I want to show that organic and conventional practices are both sustainable.  I want to show that large and small enterprises are both sustainable.  

I believe that there is a lot of misconceptions out there on what is sustainable agriculture and I want to help provide some insight on this topic.  There are two points that I am going to focus on from the definition about:  (1) sustainability is site specific and (2) sustainability is a measurement of time.

I am really looking forward to this month.  Not only am I looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone, I am also looking forward to reading the other blogs from others in agriculture that are taking this challenge.  Please take a moment to look through the rest of the blogs.  It looks to be an interesting month.  

Here is the link to the rest of wonderful blogs that are posting “30 Days”  http://http://farmprogress.com/blogs-30-days-agriculturalists-influence-9112

Hope that you all enjoy the posts.

Until tomorrow.

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